Andrew Anderson-Bell

Andrew Anderson-Bell

Native to the New England area, Andrew Anderson-Bell is a representational landscape artist painting in the medium of pastel. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Andrew initially pursued graphic design and photography. While these remain passions to this day, his interest in painting in pastel was sparked by an exhibit he saw 20 years ago. The immediacy of the medium, the vibrancy of the colors and the diversity of mark making inspired him to pursue a career in pastel painting. Where Andrew lives keeps him in daily contact with the great outdoors, his leading source for artistic inspiration. 


He is a lifelong summer resident of North Haven Island, Maine. When not there, he lives in Ipswich, a seaside community located on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Much of the subject matter of his pastel paintings depict familiar landscape scenes from North Haven as well as from his exploration of the other islands of Penobscot Bay. Meanwhile, the beaches, horse pastures, farmland and particularly salt marsh estuaries of the north shore are also captured in his landscapes. Although many of his pastel paintings are of recognizable locations, he is not concerned with generating an exact reproduction. Instead, he often works in the studio from memory, sketches and/or photographs using an intuitive process to create a heightened sense of place. Working in this fashion allows Andrew to avoid getting bogged down in details while promoting a more imaginative response to handling color and composition. His paintings offer the viewer the indulgence of a meditative space to contemplate the grandeur of nature and reinforce the notion that even the most solitary and tranquil moments have significance.


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